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10 Best Qwerty Keyboards for Your Computer and Laptop

Qwerty Keyboards:

Best Qwerty Keyboard With Layout:

Qwerty Keyboards are the most preferable keyboards in this new era though we are using old-fashioned keyboards as common input devices modeled from the early typewriters, dating back to at least the 1970s. Christopher Latham devised the QWERTY keyboard which refer to the first six letters on the upper row of the keyboard. Now keyboards can be divided into many categories from full-size keyboards as well as to space-saving and ergonomic models with wireless portable connections that have an inbuilt Bluetooth facility. However, the qwerty keyboards remain the most integrated computer peripheral to the present, innovations are still made to make it even more comfortable. You can happily buy a qwerty keyboard online without any second thought

Best Qwerty Keyboard With Layout

Types of Qwerty keyboards :

Mechanical Qwerty Keyboard with Gradient LED Backlights :

This black mechanical qwerty keyboard is of sand-blasted aluminum façade and has a glowing LED gradient backlight mainly focussing on the user’s viewing experience. Rather than going for a normal black keyboard for your computer, this new gradient backlight gives a whole new feel

Mechanical Gaming Qwerty Keyboard with Wrist Rest:

Mainly focussing on the gamer’s experience, this ergonomic QWERTY keyboard has a wrist-leaning station, typewriter-inspired keys, and a multi-color LED backlight. One of the main features that make the keyboard stand out is that it has a phone holder at its back which comes in handy while using your computer or laptop.

Compact Multi-Device Qwerty Keyboard with Groove:

With wireless connection inbuilt, this Qwerty keyboard is suitable for desktop computers and laptops it is portable and easy to carry inside a bag as it is small in size and lightweight. An ergonomic groove sits your smartphone or iPad or tablet at an ideal angle.

Minimalist-Style Illuminated Qwerty Keyboard with Trackpad:

Besides the normal functions of a keyboard, this portable living-room Qwerty keyboards with a touchpad can control the TV connected wirelessly to a PC or laptop. Shortcut keys for Windows or Android, media hotkeys, and a 10m wireless range are some of its highlights.

Ergo Qwerty Desktop or Laptop Keyboards:

These ergonomic Qwerty keyboards are perfect for office use as well as for work-from-home clients. It has a wrist rest pad for better comfort for your hands. Upgrading from general-use Qwerty keyboards its unique curve, two-bank split design and asymmetrical keys provide the best comfort.

Modern Qwerty keyboards for Next-Generation Computers:

Backlit Foldable Qwerty Keyboards :

Best choice for business executives and students, this portable full-size Qwerty keyboard folds in three ways. Its main features include wireless and wired connectivity modes with iOS, Windows, and Android compatibility.

Roll-up Waterproof Silicone Qwerty Keyboards:

Lightweight and waterproof roll-up Qwerty keyboards are gaining popularity among IT users. This wired Qwerty keyboard is compactable with both desktop computers and laptops. Made of silicone material, this keyboard is ultra slim and flexible

Ergonomic Contoured Qwerty Keyboards :

These Ergonomic Contoured Qwerty keyboards are customized for easy reach with the thumbs centered inwards and digits out to one side. Ergonomic Contoured Qwerty keyboard has a 10-key layout with embedded 10-key and thumb clusters. Compact with Mac and Windows operating systems.

Transparent Touch Qwerty keyboards:

Made of glass, these waterproof transparent touch Qwerty keyboards are being used mostly in research areas. It features an LED backlight for nighttime use. The main advantage of this keyboard is that it is modular which means it can be switched from QWERTY to AZERTY. The keys are also compatible.

Laser Qwerty Keyboards:

Perfect technology for minimalists, it is actually miniature projectors that project the Laser Qwerty keyboard on various surfaces. This reduces space and simplifies the text entry.

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