Waterproof Baby Urine Mat

599.00 349.00

  • Material: soft plastic and cotton cloth
  • Colour: multi-colour, print may be vary
  • Size: 60 cmx45cm. Comes in various bright colourful prints
  • Package contents: set of 5, water proof plastic sheets printed
  • Designed to provide comfort to kids and babies , light and durable plastic and cotton waterproof sheets bed protecto


waterproof baby urine mat

Set of waterproof sheets urine mats / bed protector / changing mat / plastic sheet / sleeping mat. It is a set of 5 plastic sheets. These plastic sheets made of soft cotton layer upside and non toxic\non leak able plastic sheet downside. It protects mattresses, cool, drip dry, light weight, durable, hygienic and reusable.


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