Procus Cheap and Best Virtual Reality Headset in INDIA

2,999.00 2,199.00

Procus One is made for VR Enthusiasts to get a taste of Virtual Reality. We have focused on the build quality for the comfort of the user. Giving special importance to the lenses used in Procus One for an immersive viewing experience.



Best Virtual Reality Headset in INDIA

  • THE BIGGEST 40MM LENSES with an expanded Field Of View, surpassing 100 degrees! Enjoy a fully immersive viewing experience.
  • EYE SAFETY & VIEWING COMFORT polished HD optical lenses, built-in IPD adjustment feature and adjustable screen distance. Comfortable to wear, with adjustable headband, head support and foam face cushioning.
  • IN BUILT TOUCH BUTTON for a better gaming experience.
    GREAT COMPATIBILITY Compatible with Smartphone models with 4.7″- 6″ screens with a gyroscope feature.


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