kalonji Black Seed Oil For Hair Growth

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100% Pure, Organic, Premium Cold Pressed Black Seed/ Kalonji Oil is derived from cold-pressing organic Nigella Sativa seeds. The cold-pressed method of deriving Black Seed Oil ensures that the properties of the Black Seed are retained. Containing 100% Pure Nigella Sativa, Safa Black Seed Oil is carefully harvested and extracted with a cold-press method in order to ensure our oil is of the highest standards.



kalonji black seed oil for hair growth

Black Seed Hair Oil For Growth

  • 100% Pure, Premium Cold Pressed,Extra Virgin
  • Black Cumin Seed Oil is a natural source of Essential Fatty Acids
  • Promotes Healthy Skin & Hair
  • Safa Black Seed Oil is carefully harvested and extracted with a cold-press method
  • Apply the oil directly. Full of potent properties and beneficial elements, black cumin seeds encourage hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. Cumin oil also acts as a natural moisturiser and reduces the dryness on the scalp and hence prevents hair fall.
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  • Ready to go out the other day, and I couldn’t find my house keys. I was already late and not seeing the keys in the usual drawer made me very upset. I searched every possible place, and it was nowhere.
  • As I was walking round and round the house, hopelessly, something clinked. That’s when it dawned on me that I had put the keys in the jacket pocket thinking it would save me time. But clearly, I forgot about it and that caused me delay and a bit of frustration.
  • You see, many a time the solution lies right in our pocket, and we spend too much time looking for it in all wrong places.
  • Likewise, if you have been looking at the wrong places to find a remedy to regrow your lost hair, it will yield no results.
  • But despair not, not yet, there’s a super effective solution that will repair and heal the follicles and kick-start hair growth on your scalp. And that effective solution is: black seed hair oil.
  • Before we see how to use black seed oil for hair growth, let’s have a look at these ‘no ordinary’ seeds.

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