Cow Dung Cakes For Sale Online

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  • Cow dung cakes have been used in traditional Indian households for yagnas, ceremonies, rituals, etc.
  • Pure Desi cow dung cake
    Cow’s dung is considered very sacred for performing Yagna & Hawan
  • 100% pure gobar upla/cow dung cake
  • It is used to purify air as it is said to release oxygen when burnt with ghee.
  • Material: Cow Dung, Color: Brown,
  • Package Contents: 21-Piece Cow Dung Cake


cow dung cakes for sale online

  • Dung cakes are also known as uple, kande, gosse or thepdi.
  • These are the cakes of cow dung molded by bare hands with a curvature to be able to keep stuck to the walls.
  • Once dried they are put in a pile and covered with thatch called bitauda.
  • Cow Dung Cake is mix of cow dung with hay ,flattened out and dried for use.
  • Cow dung cakes has been used in yagnas havan homa pooja agnihotra and verious religious activity.
  • Shivapriya havan kande is made from cow dung.
  • It is mix of cow dung and paddy husk, hull and paddy straw. It is well dry in sun light
  • Cow dung cake is also known as uple ,upla, kanda gosse thepdi and chhena.
  • It is organic and natural. cow dung cakes for pooja. cow dung cake.
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